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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Insurance Telemarketing Services

Our call center in the Philippines has extensive experience working with insurance companies and agents to set appointments and generate qualified leads. We can craft a customized telemarketing campaign to help streamline your sales process.

Lead Generation

Our telemarketers can cold-call an internal list, follow up on old data, or probe leads you may have purchased from a list broker. Our call center has the capacity and infrastructure to handle large outbound call volumes that can help you generate leads.

Lead Qualification

Many insurance companies initially generate leads through internet marketing pay-per-click and banner ad campaigns. While this can be an effective way to cultivate a list of potential prospects, often the leads aren’t qualified, and aren’t a good fit for your agency. We can set you up with a telemarketer to call the leads, eliminate wrong numbers, and filter the suitable clients from the riff-raff. We can construct a script that contains qualifying questions to filter out any undesirable contacts. As an example, if your agency specializes in auto insurance, you might want to filter out leads who have numerous claims on their policies. Companies selling life insurance might want to pre-qualify candidates to target non-smokers, and eliminate those with pre-existing conditions.

Appointment Setting

Once you have a screened and qualified list, our telemarketers can call your leads and handle appointment setting for your agents. Our outbound telemarketers can schedule appointments with prospects who meet your criteria for a qualified appointment. We will work with you to ensure that your appointment setting campaign is successful.

We have successfully executed insurance telemarketing campaigns including:

  • Final expense and health insurance
  • Automotive insurance, finance, and warranty
  • Performing outbound calls to homeowners who have potential insurance claims - If they have a leak from the roof, pipe burst, or small fire that has been left unclaimed on their homeowners insurance.
  • Diabetic leads, catheter leads, elder care leads, health insurance leads, mobility leads, burial insurance leads, medical alert leads.
  • We can also work with verticals such as: home security alarm leads, home warranty leads, auto insurance, and warranty leads.

We can set in-home appointments with prospective clients for:

  • Mortgage protection
  • life insurance
  • annuities
  • calling seniors to set appointments for health insurance agents
  • senior citizens who will require medicare supplemental coverage, life, or long term care insurance.