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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourced Call Center Services

WWPA - Rudolf Faix is dedicated to helping your business grow. We provide technically superior, scalable, call center services from our offices in the Philippines. Our Philippines call center has created successful telemarketing and customer support programs for many of the country’s leading companies. Every contracted agent has an extensive workspace in which to work, and each work station is equipped with the necessary tools to achieve outsourcing project success. We provide every agent with a computer, a unique telephone number, a headset, and the necessary software tools for the given campaign. Our goal is to provide a US work environment in a low-cost, offshore location. We provide our clients with the tools to communicate and interact with our agents as if they are employed directly. Whether you are looking to cut costs, increase revenue, or just save time, contact us today to get started with your outsourcing campaign.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing your business processes to a call center can provide many benefits. The business process outsourcing industry saw remarkable growth during the past decade as companies have sought out new ways to grow their bottom lines in a competitive global environment. That said, offshore call centers will continue to adapt and grow in the future to better meet customer requirements.

Our call centers in the Philippines handle multichannel functions including security monitoring, web development, and data entry, voice related services continue to attract customers looking to save time and money. We break our voice services down into two varieties, inbound and outbound.

Inbound services can include things such as answering services, order taking, direct response, or customer support. A typical inbound telemarketing campaign includes calls that are made by client customers seeking to obtain information, complete or track a purchase, cancel an order, or ask questions regarding specific products or services.

Outbound services typically consist of telemarketing or appointment setting. These calls are substantially different from inbound calls. Telemarketers take a more proactive approach, as the prospects to whom they reach out may not be expecting a phone call. Common outbound telemarketing services include follow ups to web inquiries and new lead generation.

We can tailor your campaign to combine inbound and outbound campaigns.