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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Inbound Telemarketing Services

Our inbound telemarketing representatives are trained and screened to accurately deliver your campaign goals. Whether you are looking for inbound order takers, multi-skilled telemarketers who can handle sales, or quality general customer support, We give you the people and technology you need to get superior results. We are large enough to handle high inbound and outbound call volumes, yet focused enough to offer quality customized telemarketing services to represent your company in a professional manner.

Our technology infrastructure can handle multi-level routing, multi-skill routing, inbound/outbound campaigns, quality assurance, and recording. We can design and implement training procedures and recruitment specifications that allow us to efficiently maximize the yield of your telemarketing campaign. We also provide you admin access privileges to administer your campaign remotely and allow your personnel to actively manage telesales activities. Our unique combination of quality and pricing cannot be matched by other telemarketing companies.

Our agents are experienced in order processing and performing live transfers. We are ready to provide a cost efficient resource for your sales professionals to generate more sales.

Direct Response Services

We provide superior inbound direct response services. We can staff your campaign with friendly and eager support personnel who will guide your sales to completion. We will set up your account with a toll free phone number to which our representatives will field calls, answer questions, and process transactions. Our inbound telemarketing services are perfect for companies soliciting responses through media such as infomercials, magazines, newspapers, and direct mail.

Benefits of Inbound Telemarketing Outsourcing

Companies everywhere are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve upon their business processes. Inbound telemarketing outsourcing can help your company achieve its goals by supplementing your existing customer support functions, or by replacing expensive services. Outsourcing customer support services can allow your company to flexibly and inexpensively add staff depending on need. Additional support staff eliminate long wait times when your customers call, or allow your representatives to do a more thorough job assisting customers and generating sales leads.