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Mortgage Telemarketing Services

We provide telemarketing services for mortgage loan modification, mortgage refinancing, reverse mortgage, or virtually any other type of mortgage related campaign. We have experience running mortgage telemarketing campaigns and can deliver premium service. We have helped clients reach out to consumers facing short sales, high-interest loans, and those in need of foreclosure defense.

We can assist both inbound or outbound campaigns. We have sophisticated campaigns that allow us to do multi-skill auto-dial routing, as well as full class PBX inbound routing based on multi-skill appropriations. We can provide you virtual employees for a quasi-captive campaign or provide a fully managed team that gives you the necessary results.

Mortgage telemarketing clients have the option to receive leads either by live transfer, email, or crm updates.

Why Outsource Mortgage Telemarketing Services?

As you know, the mortgage loan industry is extremely competitive. Homeowners and buyers looking for a new loan or to modify an existing one, often submit their information to lead aggregators which turn around and sell the customers information to several companies. The mortgage brokers or loan officers who buy the leads often must place a large number of phone calls to the prospect before even getting him on the phone. It can be challenging for loan officers to make the hundreds of daily phone calls required to sell their products or services. This is where we come in. We can provide affordable telemarketers who will gladly rise to the challenge. Our telemarketers can comfortably and enthusiastically make 100 to 250 phone calls per day required to reach sometimes elusive customers. Our call center infrastructure allows companies to increase or decrease the number of telemarketers or appointment setters working on your campaign with ease. All we need is a script, including common objections and rebuttals, and a list of mortgage seekers to call, and we can have a telemarketer setting appointments for you within days. Your telemarketer can provide you with daily or weekly call reports detailing the number of calls made, or appointment set, as well as modifications to your leads including do-not-call and bad number entries.