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Five Reasons to Outsource Appointment Setting

A growing number of companies are turning to telemarketing outsourcing to set appointments, and improve their bottom lines. By increasing the productivity of their salesforces, these companies are increasing their revenue.

Prospecting and lead generation are critical for sales organizations. Your salesforce might be stacked with powerful closers and presenters, but for them to maximize their full potential, they will need a strong pipeline. Filling a pipeline with qualified prospects is a frequent problem for companies in just about every field and industry.

Why are telemarketing outsourcing services gaining popularity? Here are five explanations to think about:

  1. Minimal expenses
    By outsourcing telemarketing to a third party, you won’t have to recruit employees, create office space, or pay taxes and health insurance. You won’t have to buy computers, software and equipment, and you won’t have to pay for telephone service. By outsourcing to a call center, you won’t have the reliability concerns associated with independent contractors. The call center you select will be responsible for all of these annoying duties and charges.
  2. Your sales team could be twice as effective
    If your salespeople are setting their very own appointments they could be burning half of their time just generating meetings with elusive clients. If they could double their time invested in face-to-face meetings, you could see a substantial improvement in revenue. And if your staff is securing appointments with clients who are truly suited to your business model, and who are actually seeking your product or service, the sales staff’s lives will get much easier.
  3. Specialization
    You surely hired your salespeople because they are outstanding at closing deals. They specialize in negotiation and presentation, but gathering data and analytics, dodging the gatekeeper, and setting appointments requires a unique skill set. You don’t even have to ask - salespeople will tell you that they loathe cold calling and appointment setting. And if they don’t like it, then they probably aren’t doing it as aggressively as they possibly could.
  4. Performance
    Outsourcing telemarketing services will increase the likelihood that every single meeting set is with a prospect who is truly interested in your product or service and fits the marketing profile for which you are searching.
    Once your company is getting better leads, you will be more capable of hitting your gross sales figures and individual targets with higher accuracy. You will immediately be able to see who, if anyone, inside your organization is underperforming, and address any complications or difficulties from there.Gathering this information could help you quickly hone your sales plan. For instance, you might notice that a unique geographical region is underperforming in spite of having strong leads. You may then investigate what the contributing factors to this could be and change your strategy, demographic, or marketing technique to satisfy the wants or desires of decision makers in that region. You may also come across an someone or something that is overachieving versus your expectations, and adjust your team to dedicate added time to that area.
  5. Return on Investment
    If your company is getting more appointments, your salesforce is increasing client-facing meetings, and therefore increasing revenue. It is significantly tougher for a prospect to say ‘no’ to someone who’s talking to him inside the same office, than via phone or email. During sales appointments, decision makers have considerably more time to air their concerns, and your sales team has uninterrupted time to complete the deal. The efficiency gains made can offset the cost of outsourcing your appointment setting.