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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourced Order Taking Services

We can help your company efficiently receive and process orders in a cost effective manner. Our professional, courteous, and attentive agents provide the staffing and quality customer service necessary to take an order from start to finish. Our superior technological infrastructure can provide call reports and recordings. Whether your industry is e-commerce, retail, insurance, software, hardware, real estate or practically any other service, we can provide best of breed service.

Upselling & Cross-Selling

We can provide dedicated agents to ensure that each customer interaction is a revenue maximizing activity. Our agents can not only become your order taking channel but can articulate the value of what you are selling. We can implement quality control and reporting processes to allow you to track customer purchases. In addition to selling the next level of service or added feature of your product we can highlight additional products that allow a growth in average sale horizontally across your offering. Customer interactions are crucial to any business and the ability to drive top line growth through increased margin and increased revenue per transaction is something that every business needs.

Why Outsource Order Taking?

Many companies engage in marketing campaigns with high expectations, only to find the customer service representatives sitting around and waiting for customers to call in orders. By outsourcing your order taking and customer service processes to our call center, you can take control of the process without incurring the overhead involved with hiring agents from within. Outsourcing order taking also allows your team to stay focused on their own specialized tasks.

Another advantage of using an inbound call center as an order taking company is that you can easily track the source of your order. If your company is managing more than one marketing campaign, you know how difficult this can be. It is essential that you know which campaign is generating the most business. Our call center will help you to identify the lead source source by using unique phone numbers for each marketing channel, or by having our inbound telemarketers take sales or coupon codes from customers when they call with their orders. Outsourcing to a call center can help you gather information and intelligence regarding your marketing efforts. You can easily judge and track the success of your campaigns; allowing your business to focus on the areas that will increase orders in the first place.

Even should you choose to keep some of your customer service and inbound order taking in-house, it can be beneficial to supplement your group with an offshore call center. When you air a radio advertisement, or receive a call from your website by a customer who wants to purchase your products or services, it is important to have telemarketers available to service their requests. You don’t want to make your customers wait until 9AM the next day. Our friendly customer service representatives will assist to your customers and take their orders immediately. This is crucial if your product or services are complex, or if the customer wants additional information or detail about the products prior to purchase. Our inbound order taking representatives will be there to answer your customers’ calls with smiles on their faces.

Lastly, outsourcing order taking services to an inbound call center gives you increased flexibility. You can quickly and easily add or subtract service based on demand for your products. This is not so easy when handled internally. Our call center can work with our telemarketers and their schedules. Hiring and layoffs are significantly more difficult in the US and England. Your company pays no taxes on our services, and you will not hurt company morale by reducing the size of your order taking team if necessary. We will be glad to assist you in developing an inbound order taking campaign. Whether you need telemarketers to take orders online via live chat or instant messaging, or you need order takers to handle inbound calls from customers, please call us or send us an email.. 

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