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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Inbound Call Center Services

Our multichannel inbound call center services utilize a disciplined force of live virtual receptionists, customer service representatives, and service administrators. We can implement cost-effective customer care solutions that can provide your customers with friendly, meaningful, and satisfying resolutions to their questions and concerns through:

  • Inbound Call Handling
  • Virtual Chat Support
  • Email Response
  • Our offshore contact center is affordable, adaptable, and scale able. We provide multiple services including:

Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing includes order taking and direct response support. Our team can work in conjunction with your advertising campaigns, and provide superior up-selling and cross-selling capabilities to maximize revenue.

Customer Service

Our inbound customer support services can assist your clients with simple product or business queries, order cancellations, questions, and complaints. We can implement multichannel call center solutions to provide excellent customer service from start of your customer’s encounter, to the ultimate resolution. Our inbound support can impress your customers and help your organization stand out from the pack.

Inbound Call Answering

We can help you reduce operational expenses and elevate customer support by providing agents who can take take messages, route calls, and direct clients to appropriate resources. Inbound answering services are perfect for doctors, physicians, chiropractors, and other busy professionals and entrepreneurs.

Our Center

Outsourcing inbound support services can help your organization run effective direct response campaigns. Cost savings on the call center side of your program will allow you added budget flexibility on the advertising side of your campaign. Our offshore call center is open 24/7 and campaigns can be customized to meet your business hours and peak demand times. Our call centers are located in the Philippines and managed by Austrians in both the United States and abroad.

Our mission is to support your company’s specific demands and requirements, and ultimately, exceed your business objectives.