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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Virtual Receptionist

In today’s competitive global business environment, customers are growing more demanding every day. Clients expect to get questions answered and service provided on demand. Additionally, customers like to make an immediate human connection. A Virtual Receptionist will be a member of your team, and convey professionalism to your clients. Having a live person available to handle requests 24/7 sends a positive message about you and your company.

By outsourcing your answering services, you can provide this type of interaction at a low cost, and your prospects will assume that your assistant is working with you right in your own local office. Our Philippines-based VAs take the necessary steps to understand your processes, business goals, and implement them into your answering service.

Your Virtual Receptionist will transfer the most important phone calls to you immediately, and take messages that will allow you to organize your time more effectively. Your VA can also gather additional data for your sales and marketing campaigns. Your agent can help you by:

  • Promptly following up with phone calls
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Transferring calls to wherever you may work
  • Message taking

Our offshore virtual receptionists and live phone answering service can assist your business remotely and professionally help you grow your company at an affordable price.