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Direct Response Customer Support

Direct response marketing is an vital element of our list of call center services. We are driven to help our direct response clients get the greatest return on their investment that is possible. We can help you set up a direct response tv campaign, or by using media incorporating mass email, magazines, newspapers,infomercial marketing, satellite / terrestrial radio, and direct mail response.

We offer superior inbound direct response support. Our goal is to act as a member of your internal staff while offering you the affordability of our call center in the Philippines. To do so, we will work with you at every phase of your inbound campaign. We regularly work with our customers to hone and customize scripts and frequently asked questions to adapt to your project’s response. We aim to give your shoppers as much information as necessary to upsell and cross-sell your product or service catalogue.

We present clients with a unique toll free telephone number which will connect their inbound telemarketers instantly to our call center. Our telemarketers and customer service agents are ready to process purchases, answer queries, and serve as a spokesperson of your business. Our experience in inbound call center customer support, together with sophisticated call routing software, allows our contact center to handle even the greatest direct response systems. Additionally, we have the scalability to deal with substantial spikes in call volume due to a TV or internet ad placement, or an infomercial. We can assist you get the most from your direct response marketing campaign budget.

We administer transactions for numerous direct response marketing clients in a variety of industries. When shoppers in the United States call an advertised customer service phone number, they will probably speak to an offshore direct response marketing agent. Our inbound center is in a position to manage both simple and more complicated projects. We make use of hardware and software that makes it possible for for enormous fluctuations in call volume that can accompany television commercials or infomercials advertising your product or service. Additionally, our skill set in both outbound and inbound telemarketing and customer service, along with our experience in scheduling and staffing for large direct response marketing programs, we can help amplify the impact of your direct response marketing campaigns and improve your ROI.