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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Outbound Call Center Evaluation

There is a wide range, and large number, of offshore call centers around the world. Thus, selecting and evaluating the best call center for your firm isn’t always an easy task. The evaluation process should start from scratch and continue beyond the initial agreement. There are several ways to assess the level of service provided by call center companies and their representatives. Internal and external measures can allow companies to understand the effectiveness of their call center service provider and help make improvements and/or adjustments to the service delivery to customers.Pre-engagement

Experience may be the best indicator of call center competence. The outsourcing industry is ultra-competitive, so for a center to survive for an extended period, they must be doing something right. If you are looking for outbound services, check the company in question’s website to see if they actively promote services such as appointment setting, lead generation, and telemarketing. Call centers that have extensive experience in outbound lead generation often have provide the best value for your money. Additionally, offshore telemarketing companies must be well equipped with the necessary infrastructure and equipment necessary for it to have the capacity to accommodate and properly handle thousands of calls every day. The resources of the call center should include a range of predictive or automated dialers, quality computers and headsets, and appropriate software applications.


Examine metrics in connection with outbound call activity. Review how many calls are made, how many calls are completed, and the percentage of calls that result in a pre-defined conversion - whether it be an appointment, lead, email address, etc. Before you launch your campaign, specify whether you want leads or appointments sent to you via live transfer, email, or through daily spreadsheet or CRM updates. Spreadsheet and CRM data will help you run advanced reports and analyze your campaign in great detail.

Call Monitoring

Hiring a remote call center in an offshore location can increase the feel of distance between you and your provider. Most centers monitor and evaluate employees internally. While this can be an effective method for quality assurance, some customers desire a more hands-on approach. In some cases, agents are usually able to determine when their superiors are monitoring them and change their behavior in response.

Call recording offers the best opportunity for a reliable approach that can be handled virtually. Since agents are not aware of which calls are recorded and monitored, they must act as if they will be graded upon every single outbound call. Additionally, you can remotely verify the accuracy and quality of the appointments they set or leads they generate by evaluating the call recordings.