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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Telemarketed Mortgage Leads vs. Live Transfers

Loan officers and mortgage brokers know that, for a prospective borrower, deciding on a mortgage or loan issuer can be a incredibly personal experience. An individual attempting to market to these folks has to fully understand the personal specifications of a consumer to provide solid lending advice. Lending companies and their sales representatives are large in number, and customers have a plethora of options from which to choose. Accounts aren’t closed through lavish marketing or eye-popping promotions, selling to mortgage borrowers requires a human touch.

The bad news: Reaching these customers through telemarketing is a time intensive operation. Getting good leads and setting appointments with cold leads is definitely an exhausting and grueling exercise to salespeople and small businesses.

The good news: You can easily engage a call center to perform a lot of of the grunt work. An outsourced call center service can easily be contracted to deliver personalized outbound phone calls to clients who have been screened to guarantee that they conform to your particular qualifiers. In addition, the outbound call center service can collect advance details, market your organization, and ensure that the consumer is eager to hear more before transferring the contact to you.

Live Transfers

You can provide the call center with a list of prospects such as current property owners, or a list that contains contact info for first time home buyer prospects. Telemarketers can quickly and easily call through the list, and transfer the calls with interested parties directly to you. You can opt for the pre-qualifed lead to be transferred to your office, cell phone, or any other number you choose to complete the application process.

Telemarketed Leads

Many mortgage brokers and loan officers would rather handle outbound calls than to receive inbound call transfers. In this case, the telemarketer can enter the lead into your CRM or spreadsheet, and email the leads to you as they come in.

Either way, mortgage telemarketing can give you the best of both worlds. You can ensure that your time is spent talking to qualified and verified prospects who are serious about buying. And, live call center representatives are greeting and speaking to prospects.