WWPA - Rudolf Faix

Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Outbound Telemarketers & Appointment Setters

We provide telemarketing services to small businesses and salespeople who need individual telemarketers to call selected territories or prospect lists. For a flat, hourly rate of around US$9.50 per hour, you will get your very own dedicated, full-time, appointment setter to assist you with cold calling, setting appointments, and generating and qualifying leads.

We only bill for actual time spent on duty, and you have the advantage of avoiding expenditures for vacations and sick time, as well as the added tax advantages that come with outsourcing your telemarketing services. Trials of our services can be as short as two weeks, so you can get an immediate idea of what to expect from your engagement.

Your dedicated, outbound telemarketer will adopt and work with a script of your creation, send you daily reports upon request, and personally respond to your questions, suggestions, and recommendations. You have the opportunity to set your assistants schedule to meet the ideal times to reach your clients. Your virtual employee will learn and utilize your CRM software or simply use a shareable Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheet to input your data.

Additionally, we provide the opportunity to grow your campaign to include additional telemarketers.