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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Virtual Answering Services

We provide answering services and inbound telemarketing services to companies of all sizes. We can handle large scale inbound campaigns, or individual virtual receptionist services. Our call center allows your company to dictate the process and procedures you want your telemarketers or customer service representatives to follow on each call. Our customer service operators can be available 24/7 to answer calls, provide customer support, or set appointments. Our friendly and experienced agents are dedicated to delivering superior customer service to your clients. We can help your company generate leads, increase revenue, and build a loyal and satisfied customer base with our inbound answering services.

Why Outsource Answering Services?

By outsourcing answering services, your company can choose to be available 24 hours a day or just offer additional customer support during traditional business hours. Companies can reduce hold times and expedite follow ups to help retain hard-to-acquire customers. Typical answering services include inbound telemarketers taking calls to schedule appointments, offer technical support, order taking, or providing product information or shipping details. Given the variety of services being offered and the low associated costs, most businesses could benefit from adding some firepower to their customer service and support.

Most businesses wait until their company reaches a breaking point when they can no longer handle all of their customer requests. Breakthrough companies take a proactive approach and address their customer service needs before their backs are against the wall. By providing excellent customer service from the start your company can satisfy clients and stand out from the pack.

In addition to customer service improvements, outsourcing answering services can save your company time, and free itself of the hassles sometimes resulting from inbound customer calls. Sometimes customers may call in with questions that only require simple assistance, yet can’t be attended to right away. Any delay in response can lead to a potential negative perception by the customer.

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