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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Outsource Insurance Appointment Setting

Generating leads and setting appointments with life and health insurance prospects can be an arduous task. The market is cut-throat, sometimes saturated, and extremely competitive. As a result, multitudes of innovative agents are finding that outsourcing appointment setting can be a valuable solution to support the growth of their practices.

For starters, keep up to date on how other insurance agents use offshore telemarketing to develop their practices. Read the Insurance Journal, and various industry newsletters for advice on phone use and other aspects of marketing and management that you can pass along to your appointment setters.

  1. Be Specific
    Understand the market you are trying to penetrate. Identify the exact prospects you are trying to reach, right down to family decision makers. As you know, some consumers are better suited for some insurance products than others.
  2. Quality Scripting
    Develop an ironclad script for your appointment setters to follow. Use your own experience dealing with insurance prospects to create an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions and rebuttals. Your telemarketer doesn’t need a Group 1 license, or be an insurance industry expert, but she must be able to get your message across, and transfer the lead to you.
  3. Be Proactive
    Read the reports sent to you by your call center. Listen to recordings of your appointment setter’s outbound calls. Implement the modifications you deem necessary for success.
  4. Be Patient
    True success rarely occurs overnight. Be persistent and flexible, and perfect the ability to make changes if your initial process doesn’t go exactly as you had planned.

There are loads of insurance agents who have successfully outsourced outbound appointment setting services. Some campaigns are successful right off the bat. Others need to be tweaked for maximum effectiveness. Remember that where there’s a will, there’s a way, and volumes of new and previously unreached clients are within short reach.