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Outbound Lead Generation Tips

The growth in digital media over the past decade has led many marketers to shift their lead generation strategies towards technology like email and a multitude of online lead gen tools. With the ubiquitous adoption of internet-based methods, the market inefficiencies that once existed have virtually disappeared. As a result, business owners are shifting back to the tried and true method of generating leads - telemarketing.

Whether you are new to telemarketing lead generation, or are renewing the practice after a long hiatus, here are some tips to provide your agent to ensure a successful outbound telemarketing campaign:

  1. Make sure your telemarketer closely follows the script you provide. Create a detailed list of common rebuttals and frequently asked questions. This will give your telemarketer a cheat sheet to fall back upon if she falls into murky waters. It is essential that your script is concise, and allows the agent to interact with prospects in a seemingly natural, conversational manner.
  2. Earn the conversation/appointment. It is important that she shows your prospect that there is a benefit to the conversation…and early in the call. She must bear in mind that the person on the other end of the phone doesn’t owe her his time or attention. Give a valid reason for the person to stay on the phone.
  3. Listen up! It is crucial to simply pay attention to what your clients are saying. This is a common mistake among inexperienced telemarketers. You want the call to seem like it is centered around your prospect’s interests.
  4. Don’t be scared. As the saying goes, it’s not always what you say, but how you say it. It is important that the decision maker thinks that your telemarketer believes in your product or service. She should grow more confident as you get a better understanding of what you are promoting, and becomes more familiar with your clients.
  5. Play by the rules. It is essential that your telemarketer must comply with your company’s standards. Prompt her to focus on quality and not cut corners.

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