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Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

You have gone through extensive training and education to become a chiropractor. As soon as you open the doors of your practice, you will have to operate and deliberate like an experienced marketer. The inescapable fact is that while you are addressing your patients’ needs, you probably won’t have enough time to focus on the critical business component of marketing. Which is why outsourcing some of your marketing activities is absolutely essential if you want your practice to be all it can be.

For your practice to be successful, you will need to perfect methods of bringing in new patients. While there are multitudes of marketing options from which to choose, telemarketing is a tried and true method of getting your name and message out to the masses.

Chiropractic telemarketing is a highly specialized operation. If handled alone, this aspect of your practice will occupy much of your waking moments. If not properly executed and planned for, your efforts may fall short.

Determine Marketing ROI

Undeniably, you should set in place goals well before you can scale it up. You really should fully grasp the value of your patients.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many prospects become patients?
  • How many become repeat customers?

Put simply, you really should try to determine the return on investment you, or your outsourced campaign, is achieving before ramping up. For marketers, the main issue to keep in mind is the cost of new business. Once you fully understand the details, you will understand what each new patient means to your bottom line. This is essential knowledge to have prior to outsourcing telemarketing, as it will help you determine the maximum amount of money you can spend while still boosting your profit margins.


It can be a challenge to get a consumer’s attention, and convert them into a client. People are busy, and aren’t always expecting a call. How can your message effectively get their interest for that initial consultation?

Apathy is the enemy of telemarketers. Your telemarketing script must address potential health concerns the customer is facing, and provide a brief explanation as to how an appointment with a chiropractor will solve their problems. Is there a problem you can help stop, and if so how bad is that pain?

Your telemarketer won’t have all the answers. That is what you have been trained to address. But, if your caller can identify potential customers, and schedule appointments or follow up calls, you are one step closer to helping the consumer alleviate pain.

By preparing your marketing message, and understanding the value it provides, your practice will be well on it’s way to building a loyal patient base.