WWPA - Rudolf Faix

Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Lead Qualification Services

We can help your company qualify leads and identify true business opportunities. We help companies that have existing leads that need to be qualified, verified, or that require an outbound follow-up call of any sort. This can include, but is not limited to, RFQ verification, processing, or completion. Outsourcing lead qualification can help make your organization more efficient by reassigning its time consuming tasks to our call center. This can allow your company’s salespeople to use their time generating revenue.

Our lead qualification services can help your company by providing experienced agents to assist your company with qualification and verification demands. Our agents can be staffed to call prospective clients, verify client information or interest level, and to provide time saving data entry services.

We are an Austrian managed company that operates out of the Philippines. Our agents are carefully screened and selected based on our clients’ needs. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation with 80 million people and has a great pool of knowledgeable people to choose from in almost every metropolitan area. Our company has the technical infrastructure to handle your calling or data processing needs.