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Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Telemarketing Services for Non-Profit Organizations

We provide affordable call center outsourcing services that can help your non-profit firm achieve its goals. We can execute outbound telemarketing campaigns and fundraisers for political campaigns, charities, schools & universities, religious institutions such as churches, and even fraternities and sororities. Whether you are looking for a fundraising campaign, or simply to drive attendance to events, we can help your NPO reach its objectives.

We will staff your account with friendly and dedicated telemarketers, and provide them with unique, local telephone numbers. We typically ask for two to three days to get your telemarketing campaign running, but this can vary based on the complexity of your program. During this time, we can help to develop sales scripts, program auto-dialers, and work with you to train your telemarketers before they hit the phones to ensure that your campaign will be successful. We can assist you in obtaining a database of prospects if you do not already have one. We offer paid trials of our telemarketing services starting at only for a few days. Please contact us today to learn more.